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Stock Number: 621547
Make: Terex
Model: TS212
Year: 2018
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Stock Number: 265867
Make: Miller
Model: Trailblazer 302
Year: 2009
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Stock Number: EQU001535
Make: Kalmar
Model: DCD450-12CSG
Year: 2001
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Stock Number: 232626
Make: Magnum
Model: MLT5200
Year: 2014
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Stock Number: 212538
Make: JLG
Model: 2630ES
Year: 2014
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Stock Number: EQC009931
Make: Hyster
Model: H1050E
Year: 2001
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Used LiftKing Forklifts - Inventory Texas top

Used LiftKing Forklifts - Inventory Texas

Manitex Liftking
Manitex LiftKing has been around for over 3 decades manufacturing excellent quality machinery. LiftKing has become material handling professionals, meeting and exceeding the numerous difficulties that prop up in the present marketplace. These types of machines are a common site in the military, construction, mining, shipbuilding as well as metallurgical businesses.

The cutting edge technology, combined with years of experience and the modern manufacturing facilities deliver innovative solutions and a complete variety of material handling alternatives. The hallmarks of any type of Manitex LiftKing vehicles are reliability and quality. These types of machines are backed by extensive dealer network to offer backed by technical support.

Commitment to Quality
All Manitex Lift King machinery are designed in-house using high quality steel with the companies modern technology. Manitex LiftKing engineers and designs its own cylinders, frames, masts and other subassemblies. The company could then control the quality and delivery of their equipment this way, along with keeping their costs for spare components low and less expensive for the customers.

The Correct Part, To the Right Place, At the Correct Time
The dealers at Manitex LiftKing have a huge reserve of safety stock so as to ensure their clients find the particular parts they need. The dealers take pride in providing quick service so as to lessen downtime. The extensive dealer distribution network is located across North America. This makes it really easy and convenient to find service and components for any type of Manitex LiftKing product in basically any city. The company provides further convenience with their ability to order parts and get quotes right from their website. Simply visit the website and click on their "Contact" section in order to fill out the right form to facilitate the service you require.

Benefits of a Manitex LiftKing Lift Truck

Ergonomic Design
Forklifts by Manitex have earned a great reputation for their comfortable and functional operating environment. The driver receives optimal comfort and support from the ergonomically designed suspension seat. Furthermore, the cab offers superior visibility in every direction so as to improve safety on the job site. The operating controls have been particularly positioned to improve safety and maximize operator productivity.

Heavy Duty Booms and Masts
Designed with heavy duty rollers, every one of the masts offer sealed bearings for mast channels and for chain sheaves. The high tensile steel is formed with exacting tolerances and all of the booms are submerge arc welded with robots.

The model C500Y100 in Texas is manufactured by the company Clark is a two wheel drive lift truck. This unit has a propane powered engine and has the ability to lift a maximum weight of...

The D100 unit in Texas is produced by Daewoo is a two wheel drive lift truck. This version has a diesel powered engine and has the ability to lift a max weight of 22500 pounds.

With a lifting height of 33 ft, the MHT10120 in Texas manufactured by Manitou is ideal for many different applications. This model also contains a diesel powered engine, a 25000 lb lifting capacity, and a...

The PFD100Y model in Texas is built by the company Nissan is a two wheel drive lift truck. This version has a diesel and propane powered engine and has the ability to lift a max...

The 4FD200 unit in Texas is produced by the company Toyota is a two wheel drive lift truck. This model has a diesel powered engine and has the ability to lift a max weight of...

The Taylor TE250M in Texas is ideally suited for a wide assortment of applications . The TE250M is two wheel drive with a straight boom that allows for a lifting ability of 25000 lbs.
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Used LiftKing Forklifts - Inventory Texas bottom left Used LiftKing Forklifts - Inventory Texas bottom left