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Daewoo Used Forklifts

Daewoo Used Forklifts

There are several steps involved in buying a used or new forklift truck. Consider the following items prior to making a decision.

Step 1: What exactly are your needs?
Knowing both the kinds and weight of your loads must be taken into account. Think about the maximum lifting height which you will need. Find out whether you will be utilizing the forklift outdoors or indoors, or both. Measure the width of your narrowest aisles and gauge how much maneuvering space there is. What will be the duration of use every day in terms of hours?

Step 2: Is a used forklift your best option?
If you will be operating the forklift four hours a day or less, you can possibly get away with purchasing used.

Step 3: Fuel options
As electric forklifts are relatively quiet and make no exhaust emissions, they are suitable for indoor use. They have large batteries that could last eight hours before you need to recharge it. The purchase cost of electric forklifts is higher, but the operating expenses are lower. On the plus side, they do not need fuel storage area. They also tend to last longer because they have fewer moving parts. On the other hand, the time it takes to recharge the battery should be factored in. This could as much as 16 hours, including recharging and cooling. And battery recharging stations may be needed.

Step 4: Tire choice
Cushion tires are utilized in forklifts. There are some options when it comes to tires. Several are fabricated of solid rubber, a few are inflated, and some combine qualities of both - solid pneumatic tires. For indoor use, cushion tires are recommended. For outdoor applications, pneumatic tires are best. Solid pneumatic tires are less likely to be punctured by sharp things or rough terrain so they are the best alternative for risky conditions.

Step 5: Consider additional alternatives
When buying a new or used forklift truck, think about additional alternatives. Look at the various types of attachments which you may need to customize your forklift. Check out the forklift's safety features and ergonomics

Step 6: Evaluate your options
In order to find out what kind of forklift really suits your needs, renting various brands and models is a good idea. A good dealer would agree to help you with this. This would ensure that the kind of forklift you ultimately purchase is the correct one for your requirements. Be sure to consult with your dealer.

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