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Taylor Propane Forklifts

Taylor Propane Forklifts

For most of indoor operations, a forklift is operated with the use of cushioned tires which mean they are made out of solid rubber tires. The pneumatic style of tires is the perfect option for outdoor operations. Pneumatic tires are common for heavy cargo and can be utilized on asphalt surfaces and on dirt roads.

Propane powered lift trucks are believed to be safe for the most part and has a reputation for being a clean burning fuel source. If the engine or machine is not tuned up or maintained correctly, then the propane powered engine could emit carbon monoxide or CO, along with other corrosive oxides of nitrogen. Any internal engine which is not in optional working form can result in a similar situation. These gases which are produced can be very noxious within confined or improperly ventilated spaces.

Compared to gasoline and diesel powered lift trucks, propane units emit less harmful gases. Propane has a simple chemical structure. Since it is a gas, propane burns at a low temperature and mixes really well with air, as opposed to gasoline or diesel. Corrosive oxides of nitrogen produced during propane combustion in the engine are less than those emitted by a diesel or gas engine. Therefore, the engine of a propane lift truck usually lasts much longer compared to a diesel or gasoline powered lift truck unit.

Internal combustion engines work by sucking in air from the surrounding area. This air reacts with the fuel causing it to burn. A 60 horse-power lift truck must breath in 5000 cubic feet of air for every minute to be able to operate. Prior to operation, it is recommended to switch on a propane forklift outside and let it warm up for a bit. This is because of the carbon monoxide emissions as they read higher from a cold propane-powered engine or machine and become less intoxicating once the equipment has had a chance to warm up.

Electric forklifts do not get utilized outdoors in the rain as it is feared the rain could damage the battery. A dangerous situation can happen as an electric lift truck could short out due to rainwater getting in.

Propane forklifts however work really well in the rain. The propane is stored in sealed tanks which are placed on the rear of the lift truck. This means there is no possibility of a rainstorm interrupting an operator's work. Propane lift trucks are really versatile and are capable of being used both for outdoor and indoor applications. Diesel and gasoline powered forklifts could suffocate you accidentally with harmful gases if they are utilized inside. A well maintained and properly tuned up lift truck is a great way to handle your loads in an effective and safe way.

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